Shandong Bigtree Dreyfus Special Mealsfood Co., Ltd.
Shandong Bigtree Dreyfus Special Mealsfood Co., Ltd.
Collagen Powder Technical Help

Technical Help

  1. We maintain close cooperation with many universities and scientific research institutions in China, and communicate the development technology of the peptide industry at any time, ensuring that our company is always in the leading position in the peptide industry.

  2. The Bigtree natural food additives supplier have an independent, advanced scientific research team and advanced laboratory, which can independently complete various peptide experiments. Our employees have a comfortable working environment and favorable living conditions. Everyone is optimistic, motivated, united, and mutual aid. And has the core values of serving society sincerely, and can provide customers with high-quality service

Collagen Powder After-Sale Service

After-Sale Service

The Bigtree collagen powder manufacturer not only provides high-quality products, but also pays more attention to the after-sales service of the products. After customers buy our products, they immediately enter the stage of our meticulous after-sales service. We provide customers with convenient and efficient transportation services and continue to pay attention to customer feedback. Answer the various questions of customers in the use of the product, and provide corresponding technical support, or solve any problems at any time according to customer needs, and improve the product according to the customer's use if necessary.

Collagen Powder Return Policy & Shipping Info

Return Policy & Shipping Info

We do our best to design and manufacture collagen peptides powder to meet your needs, so we can be confident that you will like our products. However, we also understand that sometimes your expectations for the product may be different, although the possibility of this happening is very small, if it does happen, we will personalize it for you as soon as possible in accordance with Chinese laws and international trade practices, and try our best to Make every effort to satisfy customers.

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