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  • soybean peptide
  • soybean peptide powder
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Soybean Peptide

Bigtree soybean peptide produced by Bigtree is nutritionally balanced, comprehensive and safe. The Bigtree soybean peptide has similar amino acid content to soybean protein, and has all the amino acids required by the human body. The amino acid composition is well balanced and has high-quality complete protein nutrition. Soybean peptides have a small molecular weight and are hypoallergenic. High absorption rate in the human body: Soybean peptides are absorbed quickly, consume less energy, are not easily saturated, have no competition and inhibition, and can be absorbed directly in most of the intestinal tract, and their absorption is better than that of protein and free amino acids. It has the functions of lowering blood lipids, relieving physical fatigue, enhancing sports nutrition, assisting in lowering blood pressure, and losing weight.

Parameters of Soybean Peptide

Product NameSoybean peptide powderProduct specifications10kg /bag

Report NoDF202030701
Production UnitDa Fu Te Restaurantsampling method1:10SamplerGuo Yanyan
Date of Manufacture20220302Sampling locationFinished product warehouse
Sampling base0.05ton
Product Batch Number20220302Sampling quantity500g
Inspection BasisGB/T22492 And customer requirements
Inspection ItemsCompany
Standard requirementsInspection results
Single judgment
Sensory Organs/Light yellow or yellow powder without knot
Light yellow powder, no caking
Smell/Rich in the unique taste and smell of the product, without other peculiar smell
Rich in the unique taste and smell of the product, without other peculiar smell
Impurity/No visible foreign impurities
No visible foreign impurities
Fineness/100% passing 0.250mm sieve
100% passing 0.250mm sieve
Crude Protein (on a dry basis, NX6.25)%≥90.090.2qualified
Water Content%≤7.05.68qualified
Ash Content (on dry basis)%≤6.55.75qualified
Crude Fat (on dry basis)%≤1.00.21qualified
Total Number of ColoniesCFU/g≤3000070, 90, 10, 70, 90qualified
Coliform GroupCFU/g≤10<<10, < <10, <10,、<10, <10qualified
Mold And YeastCFU/g≤50<10qualified
Net ContentKg≥10.0010qualified
Label Identification/Conform to GB7718 and GB28050 standards
accord with
Inspection ConclusionThe inspected items of this batch of products meet GB/T22492 and customer requirements

Functions of Soybean Peptide

  • 01
    High Absorption Rate by Human Body

    Soybean peptide has fast absorption, low energy consumption, is not easy to be saturated, has no competition and inhibition, and most of it can be directly absorbed in the intestinal tract, and its absorption is better than that of protein and free amino acids.

  • 02
    Lowering Blood Lipids

    Soybean peptide stimulates the secretion of thyroxine, promotes bile acidification, prevents the absorption of cholesterol in the large intestine, excretes cholesterol from the body, and hinders the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.

  • 03
    Accelerate the Recovery of Tired Muscles

    After scientific testing, let athletes take beverages containing soy peptides and measure the changes in exercise energy with a bicycle dynamometer. After five months of testing, it has been confirmed that the exercise ability and physical fitness have been significantly enhanced from the first month of use. , has the effect of strengthening muscles for athletes.

  • 04
    Inhibit the Activity of Angiotensin-converting Enzyme (ACE)

    Soybean peptide can inhibit the activity of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), prevent the contraction of vascular terminals, and achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure, but has no regulating effect on normal blood pressure.

  • 05
    Lose Weight

    Soybean peptides can promote the activation of sympathetic nerves, induce the activation of brown adipose tissue function, thereby promoting energy metabolism, and can effectively reduce body fat while keeping the weight of skeletal muscle unchanged.

Applications of Soybean Peptide

  • 01
    Application of Peptides in Nutritional Therapeutic Foods

    Soybean peptide has the characteristics of easy digestion and absorption and fast absorption, which makes it suitable for nutritional supplements for special patients, especially intestinal nutritional supplements and liquid food in the digestive system, for convalescent patients, the elderly with digestive function decline, and Infants and young children with immature digestive function. The use of soybean peptides can be combined with other excipients to make various foods, such as milk powder for the elderly: based on soybean peptides, according to the physiological characteristics and nutritional requirements of the elderly, part of whole milk powder and honey are added to strengthen essential amino acids, namely methionine and methionine. Cysteine, fortified Fe, Ca, Zn and other inorganic salts and transferred into natural fruit juice (apple juice, carrot juice), developed high-quality nutritional health food with high protein, high fruit essence, low animal fat and easy to digest.

  • 02
    Application of Soybean Peptides in Functional and Health Food

    Soybean peptides can combine with bile acids in the body, and have the functions of lowering serum cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids and losing weight. Therefore, soybean peptides can be used to produce functional health foods such as blood pressure lowering, prevention of cardiovascular system diseases, protein supplementation for obese patients, and non-allergenic health foods such as infant milk powder, non-milk powder, and desserts. Such foods are both healthy and safe, and at the same time can prevent and treat diseases, and have very good prospects for development.

  • 03
    Application of Soybean Peptides in Food for Athletes

    Soybean peptide has functions such as easy digestion and absorption, can quickly provide energy to the body, promote lipid metabolism and restore physical strength. Therefore, continuous consumption of soy peptide-fortified sports drinks can significantly enhance athletes' physical strength, endurance, quickly eliminate fatigue, and restore physical strength. . Therefore, it can be used in the manufacture of powder, flake and granular foods, protein-fortified foods and sports drinks for athletes.

  • 04
    Application of Soybean Peptide in Fermentation Industry

    Soy protein active peptides are rich in growth factors, which can promote the growth, development and metabolic rate of microorganisms.

    Fermentation of bifidobacteria and colonization of lactic acid bacteria and other fungi. For example, in the production of glutamic acid, replacing the same amount of nitrogen source with soybean protein peptide can shorten the fermentation period by 6 to 10 h. Through microscopic examination, the bacterial growth is vigorous, and the acid production has been correspondingly increased. The addition of 1% soybean protein active peptide during the preparation of yogurt production strains not only makes the fermented strains proliferate significantly, but also improves the acid production rate of the product to ensure the quality of the product is stable. Soy peptides can improve production efficiency, stabilize quality and enhance flavor in the fermentation industry. It has been widely used in the fermentation industry, such as yogurt, cheese, fermented ham, vinegar, soy sauce and other fermented foods and the production of enzyme preparations.

  • 05
    Application in Frozen Food

    Soybean peptide has high water solubility, low solution viscosity, no precipitation under acidic conditions, and high foaming effect, so it can be used to produce acidic drinks, nutritional drinks, soft drinks, instant solid drinks and milk powder, beer, ice cream And ice cream and other cold food.

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