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Different Collagen Peptide Uses
  • Peptide Powder Used in Angiocarpy


    Peptides can promote the repair of large blood vessels and the regeneration of capillaries. To avoid the accumulation of triglycerides, peptides can inhibit the production of angiotensin (ACE), which is a key factor in raising blood pressure. Small molecule peptides synthesize high-density lipoprotein in the liver. High-density lipoprotein known as "vascular scavenger" can bring lipids, free radicals and other substances that hinder blood flow in the blood vessels into the liver for catabolism.
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  • Peptide Powder Used For Tumor Prevention

    Tumor Prevention

    Peptide has a certain effect on tumor patients. It can enhance resistance, increase white blood cells, and relieve pain caused by tumors. Peptides can relieve cell aging, remove free radicals from the body, and repair damaged cells, etc.
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  • Peptide Powder Used For Immunity


    Active peptides can promote the proliferation of T lymphocytes, enhance the activity of NK cells, and have the function of stimulating and activating phagocytes.
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  • Peptide Powder Used For Bones & Knees

    Bones & Knees

    Peptides can promote the proliferation of bone and cartilage cells, and promote the absorption of calcium by tissues. Peptides can promote wound healing, stimulate the proliferation of chondrocytes and osteoblasts, improve bone density, increase the content of collagen in the epiphysis, affect the differentiation and activity of osteoclasts, and help maintain the microscopic trabecular bone of cancellous bone. structure.
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  • Peptide Powder Used For Hair & Skin

    Hair & Skin

    Molecular peptides can eradicate free radicals, reduce the damage to fibroblasts and collagen, prevent excessive cross-linking of skin collagen, and protect the skin. Small molecule peptides have very strong penetration into the skin, can quickly activate epidermal cells, replenish nutrients for the skin, stimulate fibroblasts in the dermis, accelerate the formation of collagen, and have a variety of skin care and beauty effects.
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