Shandong Bigtree Dreyfus Special Mealsfood Co., Ltd.
Shandong Bigtree Dreyfus Special Mealsfood Co., Ltd.

Customized Diverse Food Ingredients

We are a professional collagen powder manufacturer with a number of patented technologies and the world's most advanced production equipment. We can customize solutions according to customer needs and provide professional and efficient services. We can also design and produce collagen peptides powder according to customers' professional technology. On the premise of ensuring quality, we try our best to save time and money for customers.

Peptide Powder Bulk

Peptide Powder Bulk

The Bigtree food additive supplier has a smart workshop specializing in the production of peptide products, with leading production equipment in the world, and many patented technologies in peptide extraction technology. Our peptide powder mainly use biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology, which has the characteristics of high purity, strong activity and low production cost . And have GMP certification, can provide customers with high-quality low-cost products.

Food Additive Wholesale

Food Additive Wholesale

Our company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating starch sugar and ancillary products, peptide raw materials production and sales, mainly producing non-dairy creamer, small molecule peptides, modulated milk powder, cheese powder, cream powder, coating powder, sauce, pickled There are more than 100 kinds of products in eight series, which can meet most of the needs of customers in the food industry.

Customization Process of Our Food Ingredients

  • 01.

    The customer and the Bigtree food additive manufacturer's sales department initially communicate product requirements.

  • 02.

    According to the product requirements or the customer's technical requirements, the Bigtree food additive company's research and development department will hold a meeting to discuss and formulate a product production plan.

  • 03.

    The customer will produce samples after confirmation.

  • 04.

    After being satisfied, it will be officially produced. After.

  • 05.

    The customer has inspected the goods, and the logistics department of Bigtree natural food additives wholesale will provide quality delivery service.

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