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As one of the Chinese food additives wholesale suppliers, we have fully established the ISO9001 quality management system and passed the ISO9001 GB/T22000, HACCP, Halal, Jewish, EU CE, US FDA, etc. Industry certification passed the health registration of the State Commodity Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in 2004.  Our food additive wholesale company and collagen powder manufacturer is the first enterprise in Shandong Province that has the right to export vegetable fat powder including all natural non dairy creamer and pre-mix powder of baking. Our natural food additive wholesale products are exported to Asia Europe, America, Africa, and many other countries and have won unanimous praise from customers.

Different Types Of Food Additive Wholesale

Fat powder: Fat powder is one of the earliest natural food additive products of our company. With rich production experience, this types of food additives can To meet different needs, the main products of food additives are: Fat powder for milk tea, coffee partner, cereal and acid resistant. Fat powder for baking, sugar, ice cream, condiment and enzymolysis oat flour. Baked ready mixed flour: Bigtree food additives supplier is a professional manufacturer and supplier of food additives. Baked ready-mixed flour is our main product of food additive. Bigtree natural food additives supplier has a wide variety of baked ready-mixed flour, which can meet any needs of customers.
Non Dairy Creamer

Non Dairy Creamer

Non-Dairy Creamer is one types of natural food additives. The fat powder can improve the internal organization of food, increase fragrance and fat, make the taste delicate, smooth and thick. Our organic permitted non-dairy creamer is a good partner of coffee products, and can be used for instant cereals, cakes, biscuits, etc., to make the cake organization delicate and improve elasticity; Cookies can improve crispness.
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Pre-Mix Powder Of Baking

Pre-Mix Powder Of Baking

Pre-mix Powder of Bakin: This type of natural food additive refers to the baking raw materials used for baking that are premixed according to the formula and then sold to related food additive manufacturers for use. Ready-mixed flour is prepared with many complex food ingredients in a professional way to reduce the professionalism, technicality and failure rate of baking. At present, many baking enterprises use premixed powder to make bread and cake with the use of our natural food additive.
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Uses Of Organic Food Additive

The Main Function of Food Additives

The main function of natural food additives is to prevent food deterioration and extend the shelf life of food. At the same time, it can also improve the sensory properties of food to meet people's sensory needs.

At the Same Time, Some Natural Food Nutrition Fortifiers in Food Additives

These different types of food additives, such as non dairy creamer ice cream, non dairy creamer for milk tea, red velvet cake premix powder, cake premix powder, and so on, can improve the nutritional value of food and promote nutritional balance. At the same time, some defoamers or stabilizers in natural food additives are beneficial to food processing operations. At the same time, organic food additives can also meet people's different needs and bring great convenience to people's lives and work.

Principles For The Uses Of Natural Food Additives

Principles For The Uses Of Natural Food Additives

In the uses of food additives, the following principles should also be adhered:

  1. It shall not affect the sensory properties and original taste of food, and shall not reduce or damage the original nutritional components of food.

  2. It should not be used to cover up shortcomings (such as corruption) or as a means of forgery.

  3. The purpose for the uses of food additives is to reduce consumption, improve storage conditions, simplify processing technology, and not reduce good processing measures and hygiene requirements.

  4. Without the permission of the Ministry of Health, saccharin and pigment and other different types of food additives shall not be added to baby and children's food.

  5. The use amount of food additives is the latest dosage that can achieve the purpose.

Effects Of Natural Food Additives

Effects Of Natural Food Additives

  • Individual Sensitivity to Food Additives: Some people are sensitive to specific natural food additives, which can trigger reactions like hives or diarrhea. However, this doesn’t imply that all foods containing additives should be treated with suspicion.

  • Natural Presence of Food Additives: Many food additives companies used by the food industry are also naturally present in everyday foods. For instance, MSG, a common food additive, is found naturally in foods like parmesan cheese, sardines, and tomatoes, often in greater quantities than when used as an additive.

  • Food Allergies and Intolerances: Individuals with food allergies or intolerances can be sensitive to naturally occurring chemicals in foods, such as those found in nuts or shellfish, similar to their reactions to certain organic food additives.

  • Perception of Food Additives as a Threat: Despite the common perception of food additives as a major food threat, they are often less harmful compared to other health risks.

  • Relative Health Risks: In terms of health risk, nutritional food additives often come in at the end of the line, after food-borne microorganisms (like salmonella), poor hygiene and eating habits, environmental contaminants, and naturally occurring toxins.

Natural Food Additives FAQs

  • What are the main problems of natural food additives?

    Improper uses of natural food additives will endanger our health, ranging from chronic physiological diseases to food poisoning and even death. Transformed fat, refined cereal products, salt and high fructose syrup are the most common ingredients in processed foods, which are harmful to human health. Therefore, it is necessary to use organic food additive, bacause this type of good food additives ingredients are not completely non-toxic and harmless. The principle of careful use and less use should be followed to avoid harming health due to abuse of food additives.

  • Why do we need natural food additives?

    In addition to peptide powder, the rich variety and taste of good nutritional food additives also meet the needs of different consumers and improve people's quality of life. Without the uses of these different food additives, our food cannot ensure its quality.

    For example, many zero added foods will deteriorate after being placed for a short time, which is very unsanitary. As for organic food additives, we need to accept them calmly and affirm their contributions to food safety, taste and convenience.

  • How to evaluate the safety of different types of natural food additives?

    The essence of good food additives is chemical synthesis or natural substances. Different from natural substances in food, these different types of organic food additives are intentionally added to food during food production and processing. Therefore, it is necessary and important to scientifically evaluate the safety of various types of natural food additives.

    First of all, each good food additives needs to undergo strict evaluation and inspection, take coconut non dairy creamer as an example, it should even make a series of animal experiments to comprehensively evaluate the acute and chronic toxicity, genotoxicity, carcinogenicity and so on of different types of food additives. It can be approved for use only after confirming that its limited use has no potential safety hazard to the body, so as to ensure the safety of human consumption.

    Secondly, when evaluating the safety of organic food additives, toxicological evaluation is generally required, and the degree of toxicological test is determined according to the nature, scope and amount of use of the evaluated substances, the structure of the evaluated substances, the exposure of the evaluated substances and other factors.

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