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Bigtree Group's small molecule peptide is the largest peptide production base in Asia. The manufacturer of Bigtree natural food additives wholesale can provide customers with professional peptide application solutions. The application industries of our peptide products include food, beverage, cosmetics, health products, feed, and other industries. We can provide professional OEM, ODM protein peptide powder service, and provide you with perfect after-sales service.

Different Peptide Powder Types For Sale

The production method of Bigtree Group's small molecule peptides is the method of biological enzymes catalyzing proteins, which meets the requirements of a low-carbon economy and green environmental protection. The production principle is to use biological enzymes to catalyze protein degradation to obtain polypeptides. The product itself is rich in green properties, and the peptides produced are small in molecular weight (molecules below 1000 Daltons), these small molecular peptides do not need to be digested and directly absorbed and have strong activity and diversity, which is an important biological function.
Plant Peptide

Plant Peptide

Plant-based collagen peptides powder is a dietary supplement made from plant sources, such as rice, peas, and hemp. The powder is designed to help promote collagen production in the body, which is essential for healthy hair, skin, nails, and bones. It is also said to reduce wrinkles, and joint pain, and improve digestion. The powder contains proteins and peptides that are believed to help improve the body’s ability to produce collagen.
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Collagen Peptide

Collagen Peptide

Collagen peptides are a type of protein that are derived from collagen, a protein found in skin, bones, and connective tissues in the body. Collagen peptides are made by breaking down collagen into smaller pieces, or peptides. This process makes it easier for the body to absorb and use collagen. Collagen peptides can be found in a variety of forms, including powders, capsules, and liquids. They are often added to foods and beverages as a supplement to increase the protein content. Collagen peptides have a variety of health benefits, including improved skin health, joint health, and gut health.
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Plant Peptide VS. Collagen Peptide

  • Plant Peptides
    Plant Peptides

    Plant peptides are peptides prepared from plants as raw materials through enzymatic hydrolysis, separation and purification. The biggest feature is that they have clear curative effects and no allergens. They are mainly aimed at anti-aging, anti-tumor, increasing immunity, and recovering wounds after surgery.

  • Collagen Peptide
    Collagen Peptide

    Animal peptide is a peptide prepared by enzymatic hydrolysis, separation and purification of animals or animal organs. , beauty and beauty, sexual performance, and animal peptides contain amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize by itself.

Peptide Powder Benefits

The Benefits of Peptides for Skin

Small molecule peptides can scavenge free radicals, reduce damage to fibroblasts and collagen, avoid excessive cross-linking of skin collagen, and protect the skin. Small molecule peptides have very strong penetration into the skin, can quickly activate epidermal cells, supplement nutrition for the skin, stimulate fibroblasts in the dermis, accelerate the synthesis of collagen, and have a variety of skincare and beauty effects. Bigtree Oyster Peptide Factory provides a variety of peptide powders for you to choose from.

The Benefits of Peptides on the Digestive System

Repair the inflammatory site, protect the gastric mucosa, and resist the damage of inflammation to the stomach; regulate the intestinal flora, effectively inhibit bacteria, anti-inflammatory, repair inflammatory lesions in the intestine, prevent constipation and intestinal cancer; have a protective effect on liver damage caused by alcohol , promote alcohol metabolism, reduce alcohol damage to the liver.

The Benefits of Peptides on Bones

Peptides acting on the skeletal system can promote the absorption of inorganic salts such as calcium; provide raw materials for collagen synthesis and provide a framework for mineral deposition; activate the activity of osteoblasts and osteoclasts, promote bone health and relieve inflammation.

The Benefits of Peptides for Immunity

Small molecule active peptides assist the immune system to work and improve immunity: it can activate immune cells and promote the proliferation of immune cells. Thereby improving immunity; small molecule active peptides can also repair skin damage caused by systemic lupus erythematosus and relieve symptoms such as joint pain.

Nervous System Benefits of Peptides

The effect of peptides on regulating sleep is also very significant, and has a good regulating effect on insomnia; peptides also have anti-free radical and antioxidant effects, and have a good protective effect on the nerve cells of the brain. Has a good soothing effect.

Where Do Peptides In Supplements May Come From?

Where Do Peptides In Supplements May Come From?

In fact, it is the basic unit of protein in the body. Peptides are formed when proteins are digested by proteases in the gut. Therefore, the protein that enters the body is absorbed in the form of peptides.

Therefore, the extraction sources of peptides are mainly plant foods and animal foods. Now the main sources of peptides are mainly soybeans, peas, corn, rice and other plants, eggs, milk, meat and animal bones, fish and shellfish. The biggest advantage of peptide products is that they can be directly absorbed by the small intestine without being digested by the stomach, which greatly improves the absorption efficiency and effectively supplements the needs of the human body. The most widely used aspects of peptide supplements are human health care, sports supplements, beauty and fitness and so on.

Peptide Powder FAQs

  • What does peptide powder do?

    Peptide is an indispensable small molecular substance in the connection of protein and amino acid. Usually, peptide has many functions and effects in the human body, and is an indispensable tissue component of the human body. Generally, peptides can regulate the nutrition and immunity of the human body. They can usually regulate the immune function of the human body and increase the immune barrier of the human body and the efficacy of cellular immunity and humoral immunity of the human body. In addition, peptides can also regulate the cholesterol metabolism of the human body. For example, when the human body is deficient in cholesterol or peptides, the metabolism of cholesterol in the body will be impaired. Peptides can also regulate the body's hormone secretion and endocrine secretion state. If there is a lack of peptides in the body, it will lead to endocrine imbalances and endocrine disorders.

  • Do peptides really work?

    Peptides are really effective. Peptides are fragments of proteins that are hydrolyzed. The food we eat is hydrolyzed by enzymes in the stomach and decomposed to form peptides or peptide chains. In other words, our food is in the form of peptides or amino acids. It can be absorbed, but due to some immune deficiencies, or some patients with digestive system diseases, or sub-healthy people who are weak and sickly, there will be some defects in his digestive function, and the whole protein cannot be decomposed and absorbed. At this time, we can Use peptides to take them. In this way, after the peptides enter the digestive tract, they can be directly absorbed or hydrolyzed into amino acids, which can enter our body and supplement the essential amino acids and energy to make the body healthier.

  • What are the benefits of peptides for skin?

    Peptides are composed of amino acids, amino acids are the main components of protein, the skin contains protein, and the most important collagen is an important substance to ensure skin elasticity, maintain skin shape and avoid moisture loss, peptides have anti-aging effects on the skin and supplement collagen. It has a stronger effect on the skin, especially collagen peptides. The unique triple-helix structure of collagen peptides can strongly lock 30 times of water, making the skin lastingly moist, shiny and delicate; in addition, by inhibiting the production process of melanin To achieve the purpose of whitening; restore elasticity and delay aging. After collagen peptide enters the skin, it can repair the broken and aging elastic fiber network, so that skin elasticity is restored, flexible and full; Skin aging.

  • Are peptides better than retinol?

    Peptides are different in nature from retinol, which usually refers to vitamin A.

    Peptides are biologically active substances involved in various cellular functions in living organisms. Hundreds of peptides have been found in organisms, and they are indispensable participants in the body to complete various complex physiological activities. All cells can synthesize polypeptide substances, and their functional activities are also regulated by polypeptides. It is involved in the fields of hormones, nerves, cell growth and reproduction, and its importance lies in the regulation of various system organs and cells in the body.

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